hello welcome to week one of the candida cleanse what I eat now actually no I don't cause I don't even eat this I can't eat this I eat the water rock okay this is this is all I can eat the only thing wrong and water obviously so obviously this Kendra cleanse is a good thing for me because as I said my previous video I'm gonna get rid of the candida then maybe in the future I can just eat normally like everyone else does this is good this is what we want to light the only thing I can eat is the broth and water and here's my excellent recipe all yes it tastes okay if you like vegetables now obviously I have Forbes the past over many years been eating mainly fish and fishes and okay that's good if you're the type of person who eats mainly hamburgers it's probably gonna be quite hard fee symptoms so far well yesterday I heard you came home and just found me crying I don't know why but that is what I do now I cry just get sad I like also I am so hungry I I am actually actually balancing stuff in two days it is day three of their counter to cleanse and I'm getting a spot other symptoms that show that it's actually working impaired brain function headaches fatigue dizziness intestinal distress nice sweating of fina a sinus infection and flu-like symptoms but maybe weirdly I'm actually feeling quite like awake and energetic and maybe more so than I do normally normally I feel quite tired that I haven't eaten anything except broth for like the last three days maybe I'm just going stir-crazy because they only have a dog to keep me company hmm now Angie crash happened I'm hungry and sad there for Grandma out of my bed excellent from clothes accident I think maybe food is coming like weird amounts energy good you can't see because I'm wearing makeup click out but my face is so shiny like everything bad and my body is just leaving but yeah energy really it was wrong and my head hurts I'm really hungry day five coming to you from the sofa this is where I live now so yesterday I'm going to start a steamed badge but Korea came home from work no you need to eat some and so Claudia made me made me an egg actually three eggs I had some scrambled eggs just for a very good idea really because I know that it's not proper way of doing it and the whole cleanse ideas and body but my body isn't well just lie everywhere gay sex I'm feeling really ah I'm feeling the get more actually what I was going to say um I flew II but I continued with the eggs from yesterday I've decided have one protein source I've been I don't like the bath I'm preaching like pee but it's a group of things because I love steamed vegetables I do that's what he does every single day get some chicken yes I'm going to eat my protein evenings because then I'll be asleep [ __ ] [ __ ] what bar of hope great day seven Hey and today is the last day of steamed veg which an excellent this week I felt pretty bad very physically and mentally my health is kind of pretty precarious most of the time so maybe other people can do this diet the whole cleanse thing is no I want to just lie on the sofa and plate sins except then I get sad because my sin me is I so impressive she's like she's such a bot plus side means that I am really good at claim things so there's that I am I'm exhausted and I stink of garlic there you know I can still find that Silver Lining watch next week for see how I do with reintroducing some new foods also also our healthy foods actually elite disgusting important question



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