Do you want to increase your weight while following the Satvic diet plan? In this video, we'll be sharing a new Satvic plan with you which is called Active Diet Plan which will help you gain weight and along with this, you'll learn some special bonus tips at the end of the video which are essential for weight gain So do watch this video till the end Come let's find out whether this Active Diet Plan is even meant for you or not You should follow this plan only in 2 situations First – if you've followed the Satvic healing plan where you eat grains once, fruits once, and salads/soups once a day and now you want to increase your weight a little then this plan is meant for you or the second scenario – if you have a very active lifestyle you do an intense workout for 1-2 hours daily or walk around for at least 1.5 hours a day and if you think you need more nutrition then this plan is meant for you too Who should not follow this plan? Those who are suffering from any health problems like Thyroid, Diabetes, PCOD, Pimples, Acidity, Sinusitis, Asthma, etc.

In case of any chronic disease, you should follow the healing plan which we have spoken about in our other videos When your health problems have reversed and you feel like gaining weight, then you can follow this plan So come let's move onto our Active Diet Plan Before breakfast, have a nourishing juice around 7-8 AM What is a nourishing juice? Look, there are 2 types of juices Nourishing juice (nutritious juice) OR Detox juice which are meant to clean your body inside Detox juices include ash gourd juice or green vegetable juices and nourishing juices include fresh fruit juices like watermelon juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice, sugarcane juice and starchy vegetable juices like carrot juice, beetroot juice, ABC juice (apple-beetroot-carrot juice) If you want to gain weight, then you can have nourishing juice 6 times a week & detox juice once a week then after 1-2 hours, have a smoothie made with fresh fruits and dry fruits To make your smoothie, soak a big handful of nuts overnight like cashews, almonds and walnuts In the morning, blend the nuts with some heavy fruit, 3-4 dates and some water to make a shake out of it Your breakfast is ready For fruits, you can choose from bananas, chikoos or mangoes If you want, you can serve the smoothie in a bowl, top it with some seeds and nuts, and eat it like a smoothie bowl Have it with a contented heart These nuts and fruits will help you to gain healthy weight Just remember to always soak your nuts before eating them and your fruits are always seasonal By chance, if you feel like you'll need a heavier breakfast, then we'll tell you a solution for that later in the video as well Then it's time for lunch For lunch, have a Pulse bowl Basically, it's a dish made with a pulse, coconut milk and some veggies To make it, use any pulse Some options are white chickpeas, black chickpeas, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, green gram or any other pulse Whatever pulse you're eating, have it only after soaking it for 6-8 hours Add 3-4 types of vegetables to it which are easily available and seasonal For vegetables, you can take You get it, right? Whichever vegetable is seasonal, you can add it Take any 3-4 vegetables Chop them into small pieces like this First sauté your spices Dry roast a little bit of ginger, mustard seeds, green chilli and bayleaf in a pot then add your chopped vegetables to it & some water.

Close the lid & let them cook Once the vegetables have softened, add your boiled pulse to it Now shut off the gas and add your homemade coconut milk, salt and your favourite herbs Sometimes we add dry oregano or dry rosemary Always make coconut milk at your home We have shown the recipe to make it in this video You can find the link to it int he description box below And yes, the final step – add some flax seed powder to it To make it, roast some flax seeds then simply add it to the mixer to make a powder and sprinkle 1 spoon of it over your bowl What we've given you is a formula to make your own Pulse bowl It has 4 components – Now apply this formula and apply it as per your preference, make it so tasty that you can eat a bowl full of it then it's time for dinner where you can have roti-vegetables, rice-vegetables or millet-vegetables If possible, make rotis in the Satvic style which we have shown in our earlier videos You can fill any vegetable in the roti and cook your vegetables without red chilli, garam masala, without oil, with as little spices as possible If you want to learn how to make Satvic roti and Satvic sabzi, then we have shared their links for you in the description box below The difference in a weight gain plan will be that you will have much more starchy dense vegetables like You can take brown rice or any millet like So that completes our Active Meal Plan Now we'll move onto some very important bonus tips which you have to keep in mind while following this plan Tip 1 – You can swap any of these meals according to your schedule What we have given you is only for your reference You have the freedom to use your judgment to make any adjustments Let's say you wake up at 5 AM in the morning and do an intense workout in the morning then maybe you'll feel a strong sense of hunger by 9 AM itself In that case, instead of having a breakfast smoothie, you can have your Pulse meal and you can have your smoothie for lunch around 1 PM Or if you feel like having a grain meal for breakfast then take a grain meal for breakfast You can have your smoothie for lunch and Pulse meal for dinner What we mean is that you can adjust this plan according to your activity level and metabolism The most important thing is to listen to your body when you're following it If you're not feeling hungry, then don't force yourself to eat Maybe you need to detox your body on some day On that day of the week, you can follow the healing plan Tip 2 – Keep a 13-14 hour break between your dinner and breakfast Look, in our previous videos, we told you about 16 hour fasting but you don't have to fast for 16 hours while following the Active plan because your body requires more building, not detox So that's why a 13-14 hour break between your dinner & breakfast is sufficient Even in the Active plan, try to have your dinner as early as possible because as the sun goes down, your digestive fire weakens Tip 3 – if you feel hungry between 2 meals, you can make a nut bowl To make this, take a bowl and add 1 banana, a big handful of nuts and 2-3 dates You can add homemade nut butter if you have it Now your snack is ready Don't take any factory-made processed foods Tip 4 – do strength based workouts everyday Even if you follow this whole diet plan but if you leave exercising behind, then it's possible you won't gain any weight If you're following the Active plan, it's very important to do a strength-based workout for at least 30 minutes a day which includes push-ups, pull-ups, weight training, body weight workout, etc.

It's not like you have to go to the gym and lift heavy weights You can use your body weight to do many different strength based workouts Cardio-based exercises like running, swimming, jogging should be accompanied by strength-based workouts, especially for Active plan Okay, why is exercise so important for this plan? Because your food intake is high in this plan To digest it, to absorb its nutrients, your body needs a workout or else it won't digest properly and the nutrients won't be absorbed So that completes our bonus tips First we discussed who should follow this plan and who shouldn't then we discussed the exact plan followed by the 4 bonus tips Now try following this for at least 3 months and see One more thing that you must remember – When you follow this plan, it's not necessary that you become bulked up and muscular When you follow the Active plan, your body will find its own natural body weight Don't compare yourself with anyone How is a giraffe's body? Very thin.

What about an elephant? Thick and wide Now if a giraffe eats like an elephant, can he ever become heavy like an elephant? No! And no matter how much an elephant eats like a giraffe, can he become thin like a giraffe? No! That's because Mother Nature has made both their bodies differently The same applies to human beings Some people are broad built and some have thin and lean bodies If we try to be thin or heavy like others all our lives, then we'll always be depressed and unsatisfied So don't worry! Simply follow this plan and be patient The body takes time to change The weight that your body needs to gain naturally will automatically be achieved by following this plan within a few months To learn how to make coconut milk at home, click here And to make Satvic sabzis and rotis, click here That's it for now.

We'll see you soon.

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