Wearing wet socks while coming down with an annoying cold sounds weird, but as weird as it sounds, mimicking the effects of cold can increase immunity and circulation that will relieve congestion from the head. All you have to do is soak a pair of socks in cold water wear them and the cover your feet with a pair of wool or thermal socks on top of it. Go to bed and keep your feet under a warm blanket. By morning your sock will be bone dry and your cold gone! Chillies contain capsaicin which is an irritant , which makes it spicy as well. If your nose is still choked up and running like a waterfall, it makes perfect sense to have something that has the tendency to make your eyes and nose run like a tap. A dash of chilli powder in your soup is an excellent remedy for congestion. So sip away! Whenever you get a cold you’re bound to blow your nose to get rid of whatever's irritating you. While coughing and sneezing is alright, blowing nose can cause some serious pressure on the head, shooting mucus back causing infection. So, instead of turning your head into a giant ball of disease, blow gently one nostril at a time and you’ll save your head and yourself from bursting in a disease fireball.

If all the above things don’t work, the magic of hands will definitely work. Acupressure works relatively well to help relieve congestion. Press the joint between your thumb and forefinger for a couple of mins. This will reduce the irritation within a few mins. So, there you go try these unusual yet effective remedies to get rid of your cold and go back to your regular schedule cold-free. Until next time stay tuned and stay glamrs..



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