If you bought a sack of fluoride
and put it in the water yourself, you would be arrested. But if they put it in the water and
call it medicine, well , sorry, not medicine
, treatment – then it's legal. People are gradually becoming aware of the fact that it doesn't work and is toxic. And Israel has forbidden it. 20% of people with mercury fillings had more mercury in their saliva
than is allowed for sewage in America. There is no safe mercury dose, none. How can it not affect your body
when you have inflammation in your jawbone? It will affect your health. Thanks. You know, I apologize for having to come to the dentist on Saturday, my goodness! OK. This pretty picture is of me
when I was a little younger, about… Is it on screen yet? I was a little bit younger. It was
about four in the morning and we were putting together the face of someone who had been in a car accident.

I was then working in a hospital in Exeter
in facial surgery. And one thing that's
still very much in my memory, I can still see the color of the pus,
that was a different case, we had a patient who had a heart problem, a really serious heart problem.
The patient was really, really sick. I mean really sick, he had bacteria
in his blood and the doctors couldn't figure out why, so they put him
on intravenous antibiotics for weeks and finally they came
to our department and we were like, 'Oh look, that's not it , here's his x-ray." But it's just an example. He had a hole
in his jawbone, so he was anesthetized. I put the knife in there and there came out this lime green pus, fluorescent, I'll never forget the color,
and all the doctors got really excited and pulled out the swabs and they took the pus, they took a sample , they grew it , and it was the same bacterium that
thrived in his heart.

So we know that bacteria spread from the mouth
to the rest of the body, at least for some of us. And this patient
had gum disease. Gum disease is inflammatory, it's inflammation.
Sorry, I will try to use the simplest possible terms , mainly for my sake but also for the translators. It's got inflammation,
it's got bacteria, and it's got toxins – okay. 47 percent of adults in America over the
age of 30 have this problem. But basically, half of us have
gum disease. We blame you now,
it's all your fault. You didn't brush, you
didn't floss properly , you didn't use
mouthwash; It is your fault. Well, maybe, maybe not. We'll get to that.
So the bacterium spread from the tooth, from the inflamed gums, and
you can see they go to the heart, to the kidneys, to the lungs, to every organ in your body. And the sheep is here,
not because it's a patient of mine, but because they were fed GM corn,
within 8 minutes the DNA from the sweet corn went into the bacteria
in the sheep's mouth.

OK. So within eight minutes the genetically modified bacterium,
sorry, the genetically modified DNA had migrated into the sheep's biome, into its
own bacteria. What's the problem with this? – Well, when they make a genetically engineered
piece of DNA, then, as Karl said, they add an
antibiotic-resistant part – so these bacteria in this sheep's mouth are
now antibiotic-resistant, at least to kanamycin and ampicillin, and
God knows what other antibiotics they have use.
So if you have antibiotic- resistant bacteria coming down into your heart and kidneys, I don't like it at all, do you? All inflammation, all chronic
inflammation, is systemic. In other words, it affects the whole
body. You may have inflamed gums. Take blood from your big toe and you will find the markers of inflammation in the blood. So it affects
every part of your body. And gingivitis has been linked to
cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes,
arthritis, autoimmune diseases, things like MS, and thyroid diseases
and neurological diseases like Parkinson's. So yeah, like I said, we blame you. It's your fault.

You don't brush your teeth,
you didn't floss. But if you look at the literature, look at
the science, if you are undersupplied with vitamin A, vitamin B,
vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, omega 3 and the minerals copper, selenium, iron,
zinc and many others, then you get it man gum disease. And nitrates also cause
gum disease. And what is missing from the ground now?
What is missing from our plants? We've heard all about it this week, we've heard all about it this weekend and I'm so excited
about what you Angelika have shown us and what your husband
has brought us. This is the
answer we were looking for. I never thought I would be interested in
mud, in soil. Who would have thought? The answer to our diseases, and
let's not forget, I mean we're talking about gum disease,
but it causes cancer, lung problems, heart problems, Alzheimer's, MS, nervous disorders,
arthritis, diabetes – it causes these diseases and we know it comes from
you lack of nutrients.

It's no surprise to most of us in here. What
surprises me is how quickly and how easily the floors
can be restored and I am so grateful to you for giving
us this information. And I would just love it, I would love it
if the farmers, soil scientists like yourself and
doctors would work together. Doctors need to understand the soil.
We need to get some understanding of this and the doctors need to work with the farmers. And I never thought I
would say that, but it's true, they should work on farms, we need to get back to
good food, then such
diseases will vanish into thin air. Let's move on to tooth decay. There are
very similar diet-related causes. Again, it's your fault, you
didn't brush your teeth enough. But I will show
that this is not entirely true. Fluid moves through the blood vessels inside the tooth
, which then flows outward through the dentin and out through
the enamel, cleaning and repairing the tooth.

And in that liquid, it has
minerals and proteins, and they allow the tooth to heal. That's an unconventional view of tooth decay,
but it's the truth. The body has amazing mechanisms that we're
just beginning to understand, but these two professors, a professor
of physical medicine and a professor of dentistry from Loma Linda University in California,
figured that out ages ago. But their research has been badly done
and we've been told it's not true, but this makes so much sense. I've always wondered why
there should be blood vessels in the tooth. For what? Why should one have nerves in a tooth? –
It's obviously a purification mechanism and it's beginning to be recognized now.
It's true. So these canals inside the tooth, inside
the dentin, they kind of
look like Swiss cheese, and there are miles and
miles and miles of them in a single tooth, about three miles, about the size of a football field…

Factors that letting the fluid flow backwards is sugar and flour, and I was just telling
Lukas over lunch that I was in a bar in London with my friends from the university. One is a surgeon, one is an anesthetist, one is a general practitioner,
one is a dentist. I ordered a coffee and the waiter
brought a coffee with white sugar. I said, "Could I have
some brown sugar, please?" And my
friends all huddled together, because they think I'm
a little weird anyway, and they said, "What's wrong with white sugar?" These are top top doctors, they are
very, very smart people, they are great doctors, but they are
not taught anything about nutrition and, again
, I would love for doctors to come and
learn from people like Lukas, I'm so thankful we have Lukas. Doctors need to start learning this and
I'm really hopeful that the younger generation will understand a little bit about
nutrition. So if we look at white
sugar as… If they don't know about that, how are they supposed to know about the soil, the minerals, the vitamins and things like that?
They need to be trained.

Stress is another cause of tooth decay. Many people come to me with their
little child who has tooth decay. They have a perfect diet, they only breathe
fresh air and they only eat sunshine – no sugar but tons of caries. One of the reasons is fear
, it really is, and again I'm really grateful that we have
Bach flower essences, they're tremendous, really, really helpful. But one of the main reasons for
cavities and gum disease is fear, stress, worry. Exercise – Steinmann and Leonora, the two
scientists I showed you earlier, found that if
you play ball sports, you don't get tooth decay! Not really! They found that exercise
protects against tooth decay. They also found deficiencies in
magnesium, copper and zinc, causing the fluid in the teeth to
flow backwards and causing tooth decay. If you gave the lab rats plenty of magnesium,
copper, and zinc, they could eat as much sugar as they wanted and
not get tooth decay. Again, what is missing from
our mud, from our soil? …

Magnesium, copper and zinc. They're missing from our plants, missing
from our food. So again, it all goes back to earth. So I urge people… we need to teach this, don't we? Another cause of tooth decay they
found is water and salt. We hear this all the time, you have to
drink enough water and you have to get enough salt. So, let's just take a sample of my
patients with gum disease. Most of them
don't drink enough water.

And then there's a group that drinks a lot of water
but doesn't take any salt at all. Then there's a third group , they take a lot of water and they take a lot of Himalayan salt, but they don't take
sodium chloride at all and they're low on sodium. So it's important to
balance that as well. One of the main causes of tooth decay
is lead…

Lead was everywhere, it was in gasoline, it was in paint, it was
in toys. Thank goodness that has gotten better now, but it's
still a bigger problem. Lukas will talk about
heavy metal detox, but you'll find that
it really is a massive problem. Some people who have lead in their bodies,
they get severe tooth decay and it often comes out
with breast milk. So there are a lot of mothers who are breastfeeding… so they are breastfeeding their child and how does
this cause tooth decay? I think it's the lead in her
breast milk, lead and probably mercury.

I also always find
secondhand smoke… not always, but ninety percent of the time. If a child lives in a family
where someone smokes, even if they don't smoke around the child, they
will get cavities in their teeth. And they don't like it when I
tell them, "Well, you're going to have to quit smoking
because your kids are going to get cavities."
But it is true, and there are published
research results. E-cigarettes, the next big
new wave of smoking.

I see all the same problems that
you get from regular smoking – gum disease, tooth decay, you see changes in
people's mouths, on their lining, on the gums in their mouths. It then starts to
look like they are developing cancerous changes
in their mouth. It is well known that nicotine
restricts blood flow and air, the oxygen supply to the cells. And the heavy metals in these
e-cigarettes, it's colossal. OK. Now I'm moving on to a
person I really like. "If a civilized man is to survive, he must incorporate the principles of
primitive dietary wisdom into his modern lifestyle." Weston Price He traveled to very remote
parts of the world.

I hope Lukas will have time to explain this in
more detail. But, essentially, he was concerned about children getting cavities
and he wanted to find out why. So he went to isolated communities
that didn't have modern western food and he found they had
very little tooth decay, very little gum disease , they didn't need braces.
Their teeth were nice and straight and very often they had neither
toothbrushes nor toothpaste. Her teeth were all dirty,
covered in food scraps and all sorts of things, but she didn't have any
cavities. And he looked
more closely at their diet and lo and behold, if you don't
eat processed foods, if you eat in accordance with
what nature provides…

They were feeding on nature,
mainly, these people. When you eat naturally, your body is taken care of. The guy on the left, he liked the traditional
diet of fish, oats, oatcakes and some
dairy. His younger brother, you can
see he has broken teeth, he liked white bread, jam,
coffee with sugar in it and apparently his father said that not only did he have bad teeth but, according to his father, it was difficult to get him getting
out of bed in the morning, it was a bit annoying with him.

Weston Price went to a valley in Switzerland
, I can't remember the name right now, but again he discovered that they were
eating naturally, from nature, they ate lots of dairy… and again no
toothbrush, no toothpaste, no tooth decay, no gingivitis, no orthodontic problems or braces. Her teeth were beautiful and straight. And they had no jail and no police because the people were in a good mood.

I guess good food puts you in a good mood. Fluoride – Should We Use It? That is the question. But in America, the packaging says, "Keep out of the reach of children. If you accidentally swallow more than is needed for brushing, get medical help or contact a
poison control center right away." Well, that alone
scares me a bit! But at the university we are told it is a small amount
and therefore safe. They fail to mention that it is a
cumulative poison, in other words
it accumulates in the body.

So every day
a little bit more accumulates in your body, and more and more, and this stuff accumulates in
your pineal gland, we heard earlier that it interferes with melatonin production
. dr Jennifer Luke, who was a dentist, she studied this and she proved
that the pineal gland in particular is damaged by fluoride. But it's not just the pineal gland,
it's affecting the thyroid, the bones… this stuff spreads all over the place and it builds up in your
body and it's really a powerful poison. It's more toxic than lead… more toxic
than lead!!…

And yet we are expected to believe that brushing our teeth with it is a good thing
. All toothpaste contains soapy water,
all soaps are antibacterial. Could it be that because we brush our teeth
with an antibacterial substance , in other words soap , that this is the real reason
toothpastes are effective? Without a doubt, they have reduced tooth decay. But I'm just pointing out that
there might be another factor in toothpaste besides fluoride… 377 million people
around the world drink fluoridated water. This is one of my passions, fluoridated water. They claim it's not medicine, but it's in there to treat dental disease
or prevent disease. So they say it's not medicine, but at the same time they say it's in there to prevent disease, that's really, the definition of a medicine is
that it prevents disease… And there's no difference
what the proportion of Tooth decay affects between fluoridated water
and non-fluoridated water. I know it doesn't affect most of us here
directly because in Europe they still have a little common sense
and you've already said no to that.

But there are 377 million people in the world
who drink it – mostly in America, especially in North America. And it's,
again, it's a cumulative poison, more toxic than lead, and it affects different parts of our body… In Birmingham, England,
they've just been shown to have nearly twice as many
thyroid problems there. They put fluoride in the water
and in Birmingham, England , they now have
twice as many thyroid problems. And thyroid problems are
n't funny at all, unfortunately. I'm sorry
to have to be a little serious here. My thyroid wasn't working very well.
I came home after work, like five, six o'clock at night, and I looked at my bed,
my bed looked at me, and I said, "Okay, I'm going to sleep right now."
and I was gone immediately. I was exhausted, I couldn't figure out
what was wrong. Then I found out my
thyroid wasn't working and I took some
seaweed supplementation and bingo! i was back in life But when your thyroid isn't working, it
really affects your body. Our body is so delicately balanced
that anything can throw it off balance.

So a little fluoride, a little mercury, can
seriously mess up your thyroid. Now, the phosphate fertilizer industry
, which we learned a little bit about from Angelika (Lübke),
is a massive industry, and in California there's this big factory with billions of tons of discarded gypsum that they can't use because it's with uranium and arsenic and all kinds of other heavy metals,
mercury and lead, and it's lying around in these
big pools. They've covered it with water,
trying to contain it, but this water is very acidic, very toxic, and the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says, "This is the worst pollution
threatening California." And it stems from the fertilizer industry.
What does that have to do with teeth? That's where the fluoride comes from.
They take it from the wet, from the wet scrubbers.

So you get the fluoride for me
from this place. Fluoride. If you bought a bag of
this fluoride and dumped it in the water yourself, you would be arrested! But if they put it in
the water and call it a medicine, well sorry, not a
medicine – a treatment, then it's legal; it's a biohazard and you're not supposed to put it in
the water yourself, but the good news is that people are starting to become
aware of the fact that it doesn't work
and that it's toxic, and it was banned in Israel in 2014. So this
is really good news and I'm just praying America will scrap it soon
too and Canada and the rest of the world
it's really a problem, a huge problem… xylitol is an answer to
tooth decay but like I said before I've shown it's just one piece of the puzzle. For me, the
most important part is nutrition, stress management, and it all traces back to our
soils. Xylitol is a part. There have been some, so to speak,
controversial reports about xylitol.

It's unfortunate that a lot of the xylitol is
really bad quality and probably
heavily contaminated, probably
genetically modified too… Well, it seems to me you have to
look around for a good source. The original studies were
done in Scandinavia and they reported no real side effects, so I always source my xylitol… making sure it comes from sustainably managed trees. And when used 3 times a
day, about half a teaspoon
3 times a day , it's really effective
in reducing mouth and gum sores, it reduces gum disease,
and it reduces tooth decay… Your teeth should feel comfortable
and smooth and be shiny. Even if you make chocolate cake out of this thing
, after you eat it
, your teeth will feel really comfortable and smooth. And if
they don't feel smooth and shiny afterwards, then I would ditch this product
and look for another. Weston Price reappears. I won't go into too much detail
because Lukas will talk about it, but Weston Price
showed what the answers were back then, and he's
also done another amazing piece of work…

I think he's got 25 years on it spent studying the
root canals. 25 years.
He didn't do it alone, he had 60 of the world's leading
scientists and doctors working with him. One was Charles Mayo,
the founder of the Mayo Clinic. So he had really, really top people working
with him. And what caught his interest was a lady crippled by arthritis who came to him
and he just had this sneaking suspicion that the root canal in her mouth
might be the cause. He looked absolutely fine on the X-ray
, there was no problem with it, but he just figured I'd take him out.
So he took it out and he put this root-filled
tooth under the skin of a rabbit, which seems a bit cruel to me
, but lo and behold, two days later
the rabbit had arthritis, 10 days later the rabbit had
died of the infection.

That's pretty incredible. Two days later she had arthritis,
just like this patient. I've experienced the exact same thing with patients.
My very first patient at a holistic clinic was a farmer
selling raw milk and she was in a wheelchair crippled by arthritis.
Exactly the same thing happened, the root filled teeth came out, within a few weeks she was
walking and out of a wheelchair, amazing!!! An endotontist, a root canal specialist
…I should better translate that into English… George Meinig was one of the first to start doing root canals in America. Back then, people gave him weird looks for
doing root canals. Most dentists believed that infected teeth should be removed and there was a lot of resistance to root canals. So he traveled around the country teaching how to do root canals. I'll show you a picture that might help. He taught root canals and
he was a founding member of the American Dental Association. And he taught American dentists how to do root canals. A few years later he came across the work of Weston
Price and changed his mind. He thought, "Oh my god, I have
to tell people about this work." And that's over a thousand pages of
research to go through.

And he looked at the research, and the more he studied it, the more he realized that this man, Weston Price, was absolutely right. Root canals can be very dangerous.
This is a root filling, this is tooth decay, this is an infection
of the bone. So the dentist cleans it, seals it with
gum and puts the crown on it… he sends you an invoice, everything is fine. Except that Weston Price
found that heart patients who had problems with their hearts all had
endodontically treated teeth. In a hundred percent of the cases. If he put a root-treated
tooth under a rabbit's skin , it would give it heart problems… every time! But the good thing is that he had discovered that infection was present in seventy percent of
root canal treated teeth. So don't panic , don't have your root canal
teeth pulled out now, in fact I don't recommend it.

Because when he took the root canal treated teeth out
of healthy people and put them under the skin of a rabbit, nothing happened, so that's only when they have an infection and he suspected that when they're immune, when people's immune systems are really
strong and robust is that the immune system can then deal with the bacteria in the tooth
. Has it been proven that
his research is correct? Do those dentinal canals get
full of bacteria? Well, yeah, that's well known, absolutely,
well known… What they did is that if someone had to have teeth pulled, say for braces , they would root canal one side and leave the
other alone and then they compared the teeth.

Three months later after they
pulled her. So this one wasn't root-treated, and it has a few
bacteria in it. This one was root canal and about thirty percent of the dentinal canals
are full of bacteria. The problem is that bacteria really like the decaying stuff like in the
dung, in the compost, Angelica, you talked about that. They become
anaerobic and when they become anaerobic they become
a real problem. They produce toxins that are really,
really, really dangerous, really bad, very much like gangrene. And
I've experienced that first hand. I had an infection in my mouth and I
got pneumonia from that infection.

I got a chest infection and I
never get a chest infection and it was really bad. So I know this from my own experience,
these poisons are spreading. Now, what do the
root canal specialists say about this? This is a quote from my professor who
trained me in dentistry and who is now the editor of an international
journal on endodontics. A nice man, I like him very much. "It's well known that a lot of root canal treated teeth are associated with
inflammation around the apex, that's around the root end, so it's
well known that root canal teeth are inflamed,
that they have inflammation, "but that doesn't mean that the effects of that have any systemic consequences."… Professor Dummer, to which I reply, "How can they not?!?" How can that not have a physical impact
when you have inflammation in your jawbone? It will affect your health.

And even Time magazine, they
know it's no secret … It's no secret:
Inflammation is a killer. The Secret Killer. The surprising connection between
inflammation and heart attack, cancer, Alzheimer's and other diseases. So it would be nice to see that root canals are no longer being done. Just to compare the two things… gum disease – it has chronic inflammation, root canal –
chronic inflammation; Gum disease,
periodontal disease – bacterial infection.
Bacterial infection… Bacteria migrate
to other organs Bacteria migrate
to other organs… – and endotoxins, these are poisons from the bacteria,
again poisons from the bacteria …Gum disease
causes systemic health problems – Root canals are supposed to be safe!?! I do not believe that! I think
it's time for a change, for a shift in consciousness. and dr Thomas Rau from the Paracelsus
Clinic in Switzerland, he has demonstrated that ninety percent of his breast cancer patients have had
a root canal filling on the same meridian as that of the breast. You might think
the logical thing to do would be to just pluck out the root-filled tooth , but that can often
leave an infection in the jawbone like this one, and that's what I've had.

Therefore, ripping out the root filling
is not always the solution …for some people it may be. Chlorine dioxide is suitable
for treating such jaw infections, MMS. I prefer patients to use MMS to get the infection under control before having any surgery or
anything on their mouth. To give you an example, there was a patient with chronic fatigue who was taking a lot of
Ambrotose. Ambrotose is great,
don't get me wrong, it really is a lifesaver, it's a fantastic
thing, I love it so much. But he had an infected root canal and he just wasn't quite up to it, but he didn't want to have the tooth
taken out.

So we used Chlorine
Dioxide, MMS along with the Ambrotose and Bach Flower Remedies. Hocus pocus – full recovery! So it's not always recommended that we take out the root fillings… occasionally, yes, but not always. Mercury, one of my other favorite subjects!
I love mercury – as a theme! In fact, my favorite quote is from the
Environmental Protection Agency: "On rare occasions, allergic
reactions to mercury occur." It is estimated at around 21 million people . Pretty rare, okay. And I also have to show you this quote from the
WHO because it doesn't make any sense to me. I will translate it and it says "Recent studies indicate that mercury may not have a limit below which certain adverse health
effects do not occur…" I have no idea what that means!!! I will translate it into english. There is no safe dose for mercury, none! No safe dose! … These fillings
constantly leak mercury. It's worse than
being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Here's a study that was done on mercury levels – 20% of people with mercury fillings had mercury levels in their
saliva that were higher than what is allowed in sewage in America, higher than what is
allowed in sewage!!!…

And Dentists are the main source of mercury pollution in the public water supply system, and also at the crematoria. It also passes to the baby…it passes
to the placenta and the WHO says the main source of exposure to mercury is from dental amalgams – from our fillings… It's about time this
was banned becomes. Attempts are being made to enforce a ban,
but the British Dental Association and the American Dental Association are
doing their utmost to prevent it. Unfortunately, when
the mercury… Dentists have this weird notion
that we're not all connected. But we put it in your teeth, you end up being cremated, or it
goes into the water and ends up as sludge, which is then sold to the farms…

The farmers
put it on as fertilizer and it's so toxic, it's really, really , really toxic… It accumulates
in the plants… so here we need the soil scientists again – the "soil people". I'm fascinated that if you have good
soil, it prevents the plants from absorbing these toxins. This is
amazing, totally amazing. So, once again, I urge doctors to work with soil scientists and farmers to restore our health

It can be done! It will be done! Thank you..



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