Hi, guys, it's Ayushi
and welcome back to my channel. You must have read the title already it's what I eat in a day to lose weight? So I actually uploaded a DIY video last week and this week I wanted to
relax and recharge myself because there are some
festive videos coming up, some giveaways coming up
so for that, I wanted to just relax this week. And I started dieting since last week. Because I couldn't able to
maintain my diet in the lockdown, I was eating everything
and I did gain weight 2-2.5 KG I started dieting since last week and I thought I'll share that
with you guys in this video.

This is my new updated
'What I eat in a day?' Video after lockdown. I'll show you guys
whatever I'm having today. Plus there are more videos on
weight loss and healthy recipes, I have already
made videos on them. You got breakfast options, lunch options
these are very good videos so please go and watch them. And right now it is 10 o'clock
I wake up around 7:30 AM – 8 AM. Because of Navarathri, I don't
eat anything before worshipping. So I have completed them all.
And I'm very hungry. I'll go, I'll have something
and I really want to have tea. I haven't drink tea since morning. Which I wouldn't recommend you guys,
if you are planning for a healthy diet but my body doesn't work without tea. So before tea, I like to have something and usually, it is a mini bowl
of salad, chickpea, mung bean. Whatever is available at home
I just mix them with some veggies. There were some extra cucumber slices
that I thought of adding to the bowl and after that I'll have tea. So I had a nice salad, I had my tea and I'm not hungry now.

Around 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM
I'll go and have something. At 12:30 PM I used to have another meal. But since last week, I have replaced
my meal with Kapiva's Slim Shake. It is India's first ever
complete meal replacement with the goodness of Ayurveda. So it has six Ayurvedic herbs which
helps in healthy weight management. It has a low calorie which
saves up to 500 calories per meal. It has high protein, high fibre
with the benefits of 12 superfoods like carrots, pea protein
rice protein and more. So you can not only
take this for breakfast but you can take it
during lunch or dinner. It comes in two flavours
mango and chocolate. Link of this product
will be in the description box do make sure to check it out
because it is really helping me in my weight loss routine. So I had this and it keeps
me full for 2 to 2.5 hours and in normal days I might not
intake that too many ingredients and beneficial things in breakfast
which I already get in the shake, which has limited calories
which is good for my dieting.

Lunch is the most
important meal of the day I keep it heavy but at the
same time in proportion. So today I'm having just one chapati. But there are days when I like to have
two chapatis, when I am extremely hungry. Sabzi of mixed vegetable
which has potato, French bean, carrot, paneer, cauliflower and peas. A bowl of home-made curd and some salad. Usually, I see a lot of debate
between rice and chapati on the Internet but I eat rice, I love rice.
So I eat rice too. I try to eat everything but in proportion. I do keep snacking in between but around
4 PM to 4:30 PM I like to have something. I'll go for fruit or fruit juice,
I really like juice of Mosambi so I'll have that. Or some dry fruits
like almond or raisins or gram,
I even like gram. I went with one big guava. Sprinkle some black pepper. And if I feel more hunger
then I eat one banana. I have a treadmill
at home, so I do that or I do any of these exercises
that I have mentioned on the screen.

Today I was not working out but I
thought giving you guys a little glimpse and I do it twice or thrice a week. Usually, my workout is for my
mental health and feel active. So around 6 PM it's my tea time. Along with tea, I will have a
bowl of Fox Nut roasted in ghee. Or even like to have
plain popcorn and my tea. For dinner I like to keep it light and I have already talked about
peanut butter and bread in my other weight loss videos
that how much I love having it.

So that's my dinner. So after I have
my peanut butter and bread, I like to drink apple cider vinegar
with lemon in normal temperature water. If you have seen my previous videos,
I even drink chilled milk with turmeric. I also like that but then because
I'm concentrating on my weight routine I like to drink this
it's not only good for weight loss but it also has a lot of other benefits, you guys can go and check it out on Google. I love these since graduation days. I have been taking
apple cider vinegar for a long time. I keep snacking throughout the day and I actually eat everything,
there are cheat days but then I make sure that
whatever I eat is in proportion. Whenever you're making your
own diet plan just make sure that you're considering your work,
if you are travelling then consider that. And make sure to check out
Kapiva's Slim Shake as I have told you anyone can try that. So it's convenient
and easy meal replacement. I will leave it's link
in the description box so make sure to go and check that out.

And stay tuned for more videos guys because as I said that there are
some festive videos coming up, some giveaway coming up and I am really excited for that so stay
tuned and I'll see you guys very soon bye bye keep inspiring..



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