Hi welcome back to type 2 diabetes, where we discuss everything about type 2 diabetes
in a way that everyone can understand. I’ve received a lot of questions about the
best diet for type 2 diabetes. But you need to understand that diabetes itself
is not a yes or no disease. It’s is a progresive multifactorial condition,where
high blood sugar is just a result of all the mess that’s going on in your body. So, depending on which stage you are at, some
things might work for you or not. Now, we think that insulin is the one regulating
the sugar in your blood, but beta cells do not release insulin on their own. They can’t just be like…ok we are bored
let’s just release some insulin, they can’t do that. Glucose is the one that personally goes inside
your beta cells and force the beta cells to release insulin. Glucose will get in, and close some channels
that you can see on my previous video, and make sure that insulin is released. Then this insulin is used for glucose to get
inside different cells.

And for a long time, your blood sugar will
stay normal. But later your body will start to resist this
insulin. And after many more years of all this…”a
lot of glucose forcing the beta cells to produce a lot of insulin, your pancreas, the beta
cells…some of them will just die, some of them will have broken legs. Not broken legs, but they are impared. They can’t produce or release insulin. And at the end, your beta cell function will
decline. And you will be almost like type 1 diabetes,
if you have type 2 diabetes for so long and you didn’t take care of it. So, when someone asks me what’s the best
diet for type 2 diabetes, I will ask you: Where are you in this timeline.

If you are someone who is here, and your beta
cells are still ok, they are producing enough insulin, maybe just reducing the amount of
food you’re eating or adding some exercise to improve your insulin sensitivity, will
be enough for you. But if you are here, maybe that’s not enough,
because you don’t have enough insulin production. So for you, maybe a low carb diet will work
better. Because you don’t want to bring even more
stress to your pancreas with all these carbohydrates, that change quickly to glucose. So for you, maybe a ketogenic diet or a low
carb diet or something like that might work better. But for someone who is here, with no beta
cells, no insulin, even if I give you a million dollars to come up with a diet that will work
for you, it won’t work. You probably need to take insulin.

So at the end of the day, when you are making
a diet plan for patients with type 2 diabetes, it has to be according to the patients. That's why every endocrinologist will teach
their patients how to manage their diabetes. We call it diabetes self management. Why? Because an endocrinology is like a coach. We can give you some instructions, but you
are the one who is playing the game. You are the only one who will know. That’s why you need to measure your blood
sugar if you have diabetes. Well even if you don’t have diabetes. If you are at risk for type 2 diabetes. Check it here. Start measuring your blood sugar. For example, if you want to know if you can
still eat rice…now before you eat, you measure your blood sugar, and it’s 100. After eating, after one hour, it goes to 300. And then after two hours, maybe 150. So do you think this is good for you? No, but let’s say you changed half of the
rice with vegetables, and then you measure your blood sugar, on another day.

100, and after eating, 150. After two hours,120. Which one do you think works for you? I don’t need to tell you which one works
for you. You know! And it’s very easy nowadays to measure your
blood sugar. Just buy a glucose meter, or glucometer…I
don’t know how you call it. One drop of blood and you know your blood
sugar. You know back in the days…Do you know how
doctors used to diagnose people with diabetes? They used to check their urine. They had to go like…hmm…It tastes like
donuts, Diabetes! Do you know how bad that was? Like …if we had to do that right now, a
lot of us would quit medical school…don’t judge. There are more than 460 million people living
with diabetes right now. You’d quit too! So, when I make videos on diet for type 2
diabetes, you have to check your blood sugar to confirm if what I’m saying is good for
you. Not just me even other channels on youtube. When you see this type of diet, that type
of diet.

Make sure that you double check everything. Don’t follow anyone blindly. Not even myself. This is just to improve your understanding. Ok… if you liked this video, make sure you
give it a thumbs up, and subscribe here. Yeah, subscribe! See you next time! Be blessed! Bye!.



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