I'm Leona Yawn and I've been in the Whole 
Health program since it started. I've been   with the VA now in the Villages, I 
just hit my eight year anniversary.  Whole Health itself is something that I never in 
my life thought I'd be a part of because when I   went to nursing school immediately I wanted, I 
had it within me to help people, so injections,   taking tests, making referrals. I never heard of 
a program that encompasses all areas of a person's   life and develops goals and encourages people to 
set goals within themself to have improvement.   We talk about every aspect that pertains to 
each person, so that is part of a program that   I never thought I would have the opportunity 
to be a part of and that's what intrigued me.  We help focus on their home life, on their 
personal development, on their health, on goals,   on family relationships, on spirituality. 
It can make changes that they never even saw   or thought they needed.

I have witnessed and been 
part of this program that people have come in for   something like high blood pressure and in turn 
have built the relationship with their children,   or traveled, or changed things in their home 
because it encompasses every part of their life..



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