Hello and welcome back to my channel guys I am Dr. Shikha Guys today I have brought for you a Thyroid winter diet plan Before some days I had bought a Thyroid diet plan for you all Which you all liked a lot I had got a lot of comments from you all I had read That you all got a lot of help from that video You have learned a lot Because being a thyroid patient There were many things that You did not know Many such things Which you have got to learn from that video

That is what the thyroid actually is Why does it happen And what changes come into your body What are the things that you should eat in the thyroid What are the things that you should not eat By using that diet plan Many people have made weight loss And also told me That they have made so amazing weight loss And it was so beneficial for you all I am so glad That my video was so helpful to you So on your request Because I have got many requests That For hypothyroidism a winter diet plan should also be there So on your request I have bought today’s diet plan

This is a highly requested video For my hypothyroid patient Guys, actually what is thyroid Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in our neck About which I had given information in the last video also And what is hypothyroid? Hypothyroid is when our thyroid gland is underactive Which means its activity is completely slowed down This can be due to many reasons Either it can be autoimmune Which means our body’s Antibodies attack on thyroid gland And makes it underactive Or it happens that many times During pregnancy Or after pregnancy Many females start facing this problem Or this can also be genetic Which means

through parents, it can come into children Or lifestyle, or due to stress also Thyroid conditions can be there Now actually what happens in hypothyroid Our thyroid gland That releases thyroid hormones Which are T3 and T4 Now in the case of hypothyroid This thyroid hormone Are released less The amount which should be there is not there So due to that The thyroid stimulating hormone in our body

That starts getting producing more Which means in hypothyroid case TSH increases and T3 & T4 reduces So when you do the blood test Than these levels only come Either T3 & T4 are reduced And TSH is high When you are patient of hyperthyroid So what changes do you feel in your body That you come to know that You are having problem of thyroid Have hypothyroid problem You suddenly gain weight Of someone, then We get the blood test done Then we come to know that we are having hypothyroid And you have the problem of constipation Forgetfulness.

we forget many things Kept something somewhere and forgot Or we had a conversation in the morning but you don’t remember Your physical and mental function Is reduced a lot You start feeling lethargic You feel tired You become cold sensitive You start feeling cold Hair Fall increases Periods are irregular There is a problem in conceiving Nails become very brittle Skin becomes very dry Muscles get stiff Or they become weak Voice becomes hoarse These type of changes you start to feel in the body So then we get the blood test done And we come to know that T3 & T4 Are low,

TSH is high We come to know that we have the problem of hypothyroidism Now for this doctors give us medicine They give us thyroid hormone So that medicine How you have to take That you have to take as soon as you wake up The first thing that you have to do Thyroid patient is They have to take their medicine And their medicine and between breakfast and morning drink Keeping around 45 minutes gap is very necessary

Take care of this thing With your thyroid medicine You don’t take any supplements Between thyroid medicines and any supplements around 2 hours gap you must keep There are many things That thyroid patient should not take Who are patients of hypothyroidism Soy products Which means soya chunks Or soya milk Such things, it is not so that you cannot have at all You can take it in moderation And between your medicine and all these things Around 1-2 hours gap you should

keep Then you can take these things in moderation Soya products Or cruciferous vegetables Like broccoli, cabbage, or cauliflower Or Spinach These type of things of very high fiber things That all things if you will avoid Then it is good otherwise Between your medicine and all these things Around 1-2 Garp should definitely be there You should include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet Because they are vitamins rich You should calcium, Vitamin B12,

selenium Such things you should consist of a lot In your diet You should take proper 8 hours sleep You should improve your lifestyle You should sleep on time You should wake up on time Junk food Processed food Sugar Completely cut them off Or keep them very limited Reduce the stress level Do prayanam It is perfect for you Guys when we are a hypothyroid patient

Then can we lose the weight The lot of weight that has increased Being a thyroid patient Yes definitely we can do I have done At one time I was 110 kgs 110 kgs And today I am around 62-63 kgs I have reduced so much weight You can also do Many of my clients lose weight Being a thyroid patient So why can’t you do Today all the things that I am telling you Take care of all the things Improve your lifestyle Reduce stress Take proper sleep Sleep on time, wake up on time Totally remove junk food from your life And the diet plan that I am giving you Follow this You being a thyroid patient Also you can lose weight There are many people Who have used my last video

And lost weight They have commented and told me You can also do And you will definitely do 100% Guarantee So guys we will start our thyroid winter diet plan In this diet plan first of all comes the thing that You definitely have to complete your 8 hours sleep Sleep at 10-10:30 at night And wake up at 6-6:30 in the morning This is a very important rule If you want to recover from your thyroid problem So guys when you wake up in the morning After waking up, first of all, check your weight And after that Take your medicine Of thyroid And between medicine and morning drink There should be around 45 minutes gap This is mandatory You should definitely follow this In the morning drink

I am giving you ajwain tea Ajwain is rich in selenium And which is an amazing antioxidant Especially for thyroid cases Ajwain which is rich in selenium It is very helpful in metabolism of thyroid hormones So you take ajwain tea How we have to make Ajwain tea Come into my kitchen I will tell you, First of all, I have taken a pan over here In this, I am adding 1 glass water

I have kept it on the gas I am taking 1/4th teaspoon Ajwain Which means carom seeds I have added this into it We will cover it and boil it Now I am removing the lid Water is boiled We will switch off the gas Very simple, our Ajwain tea is ready In just 2 minutes We will cover it and keep it for 2 minutes And after that, we will stir it And we will drink it hot So so simple, its ready guys’ Guys being a thyroid patient I have used ajwain tea a lot And I still do it And it has been very beneficial for me

You also use this It will be very beneficial for you After that comes the turn of our breakfast Never skip your breakfast Because it is a very bad lifestyle To skip your breakfast So you will not miss breakfast And take your breakfast on time Take your breakfast around 7:30-8 o’clock And this gap that you have to keep Between your thyroid medicine and breakfast It is because Because the thyroid medicine To properly absorb in our body It should be empty stomach And if you keep the gap between your morning drink and medicine Then the medicine is properly absorbed in your body

If you don’t keep gap Then it is not properly absorbed in your body So now we will talk about breakfast So guys, for breakfast I am giving you a Mushroom sandwich Mushrooms are High in selenium and vitamin B12 Which is amazing for hypothyroid patients Because selenium is Helps in the metabolism of thyroid hormones So guys how do we have to prepare our mushroom sandwich Come into my kitchen I will tell you About the mushroom sandwich, First of all, we have to take mushrooms And we have to wash them properly Now I have chopped them I have cut them into slices Now I am taking a pan I am adding just 1 spoon oil I am adding chopped garlic Chopped green chili Chopped onions I have chopped them very finely We will saute and cook them a bit We have to make it light brown Now I am adding some salt Red chili powder And we will mix them properly

Now I am adding mushrooms over here We will mix them all the things And we will cook them a bit And we will cover it with a lid And we will let it cook properly for 5-10 minutes Our flame will be low to medium over here Now 10 minutes are over We will check our mushrooms They are cooked very well

They are very soft and mushy Now our filling is ready If you want you can prepare such filling at night and keep it in the fridge And then in the morning it will take just 2 minutes to make a sandwich So if you don’t have a lot of time in the morning Then prepare this at night only and keep it in the fridge Otherwise you can also prepare in the morning also Now our filling is ready I am adding some oregano seasoning

And we will mix this properly If you want you can also skip this I like the oregano seasoning flavor a lot Now our bread is ready I have made this bread at home If you want its recipe is on my channel you can watch it This is wheat bread Now we will fill the filling It is very filling and delicious sandwich guys I am feeling very tempted This is my one of the favorite I like it very much You will not feel hungry after for long after eating this Now we will grill this If you don’t have griller or toaster Then you can also do it in the pan I am grilling this over here in grill I will apply some desi ghee I will apply some above also And that’s it We will grill this It’s absolutely ready

It’s very very yummy Crispy and delicious You should definitely try this guy You will definitely like it So guys this was our super tasty super quick Mushroom sandwich If you don’t want to take a mushroom sandwich Then you can take a Paneer sandwich This is the recipe on my channel You can go and watch this You can have paneer sandwich You can use around 50 grams paneer And make a sandwich for yourself If you don’t want to take paneer sandwich

Then this is jowar dosa on my channel Jowar chilla recipe You can go and watch this You can make this For yourself If you don’t want to take this Then this is bajra roti recipe on my channel This is also very amazing for thyroid patient And especially in winters You should definitely include bajra in your diet So you can have 1-2 roti With full bowl vegetable Or you can take raita Any vegetable raita you can take Or you can eat with chutney

So this is our breakfast After that we will talk about mid-morning snack So mid-morning snack plays a very important role In any diet plan If you take a mid-morning snack Then you don’t overeat lunch And you don’t feel too hungry in lunch And your metabolism stays high for the whole day Because being a thyroid patient, your metabolism Is very low So you should keep that high So you should definitely have a mid-morning snack

For a mid-morning snack, I am giving you 2 options You can take orange Or you can take guava Because these both are winter fruit And they are rich in Vitamin C So they increase your immunity Because they have many amazing vitamins and antioxidants Which are very good for thyroid patients So you can have 1 orange Or 1 guava you can take Now after this comes the turn of our lunch You do your lunch on time Around 1-2 you have your lunch The first option that I am giving you in lunch Is raita How we have to prepare raita Come into my kitchen.

I will tell you, First of all, I am taking a bowl over here I am adding chopped tomatoes in it Chopped onions Chopped cucumber I am taking around half cup low-fat curd And I am adding green chilies in this Some salt Some red chili powder And we will mix it So so simple And so quick

So quickly our meal is prepared And it’s very delicious Very yummy And I will sprinkle some chili powder from above Some green chilies I an garnishing it. You can adjust chilies in this according to you It is very quick and superb for weight loss So guys this was our raita recipe This is vitamin D rich Which thyroid patients require a lot so you can have this In your lunch Or if you are a bit more hungry

Then you can have dal These are 2 types of dal recipes on my channel You can have any 1 dal full bowl In your lunch If you are doing weight loss Then you can have any roti Or rice you will not take You will just have 1 bowl dal This will completely fulfill your protein requirement If you don’t want to take this Then you can take these moong dal sprouts Recipe is there on my channel

This is also protein-rich, it is vitamin C rich Which is very beneficial for thyroid patients So you can have one bowl of This was our lunch After that we will talk about our evening tea Or evening snack In evening tea I am giving you Green tea Which is rich in antioxidants And it is very amazing for thyroid patients So you have any brand green tea 1 cup But you will not at all add sugar in it Along with that I am giving you seeds Which are rich in zinc and iron And it has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids Which are very amazing for thyroid patients So you can have this mixed seeds In seeds you have to take sunflower seeds Chia seeds, Flax seeds, Melon seeds, And pumpkin seeds You have to mix them And take 1 spoon Or you can have brazil nuts You have to take 2-3 brazil nuts Which I give a lot to my foreign clients To my NRI clients For them they are very easily available They are available in India also They are a bit expensive

If you can take then take brazil nuts They are very beneficial for thyroid glands You have to take 2-3 brazil nuts Or you can have 1 spoon of seeds After that we will talk about dinner The first option that I am giving you in dinner Is our dry fruit milk How we have to make it Come we will see it recipe This is very simple,

quick and easy meal options Over here I have taken a blender jar I am adding 1 glass of skimmed milk PCOD and PCOS people can use almond milk over here Now I am taking dates over here I have removed its seeds I will add this into the jar Over here I had soaked 4-5 almonds And 5-6 raisins I am adding this also into the jar They are soaked very well They are very soft and will be blended very easily Now I have taken 3-4 stands of Kesar which means saffron We will add that also in a jar I have taken some crushed elaichi which means cardamom And now we will blend blend blend this Now I have blended this It is very yummy And very easily and quickly in 5 minutes It is ready You can take over here hot or cold milk according to your choice I will garnish it a bit With some almonds that I had sliced And we will add some saffron or Kesar It’s absolutely ready Milk is an amazing source of vitamin D

And calcium Which is very much required in thyroid case So you can take this It is a quick option Sometimes you don’t want to cook a lot Or you want to have something light Then you can have 1 cup of this dry fruit milk If you don’t want to have milk Then you can take eggs Recipe of eggs is there on my channel You can go and watch You can take any egg recipe with this diet plan Or you can have my mushroom soup recipe This is the recipe of my mushroom soup You can go and watch this and have this Mushroom as I told you Are selenium-rich Are vitamin B12 rich Which is very superb for thyroid patients You can take this Or

you can watch these chicken recipes On my channel You can have this Chicken is also vitamin B12 rich Which is amazing for thyroid cases Or you can prepare fish with the same recipes You can have fish Fish is also rich in iodine Which is very amazing for thyroid patient Or you can have this sauteed beans recipe Beans are also very amazing for thyroid patients So you can have this also I have told you so many options guys You can change them and have And you can follow this up to very long time After this comes the turn of our night drink You Can have night drink 1-1.5 hours after the dinner Night drink plays a very important role In any diet plan

The most important role is That it boosts your metabolism at night And second this is that Next morning your stomach is cleared very well If you take your night drink In night drink I am giving you Flax seeds water How we have to prepare it Come we will see it in my kitchen So guys the first and simple way To include flax seeds daily in your diet is Flax seed water You can take this in the form of morning drink or night drink, First of all, I am roasting 2 tablespoon flaxseed on the pan I will roast them a bit on the pan And when it will be roasted properly Then I will grind it into a grinder And then we can include this in different forms in our diet Now I will grind this The best flax seeds are in the ground form We can make the powder and use it in different things So I will mix 2 tablespoons in the water And we have to minx it and consume it That simple If you will take it in lukewarm water as morning or night drink

Then your stomach will be cleared very well Because it is a very good laxative Guys always be careful about this thing That when you have to use flax seed powder You prepare it fresh Otherwise it will be oxidized And the benefits will also be reduced Guys flax seeds are rich in omega-3 Which is superb for thyroid patient And flax seeds for constipation Very fantastically effect so if take flax seed water at night Then you will not at all have the problem of constipation Your stomach will be cleared very well So guys this was the complete diet plan You Have to take care of one more thing

That you follow this diet plan Plus you also correct your lifestyle You have to take 8 hours of sleep You have to sleep at 10-10:30 at night You have to wake up at 6-6:30 in the morning You don’t have to take stress at all And you do prayanam Take 2.5 -3 liters of water in whole day Then see your hypothyroidism case This will be so effective diet plan And with hypothyroid also You can lose weight Because being a thyroid patient I have done many of my clients

And many of you have also done Who have commented and told me That you all have done such fantastic weight loss Being a thyroid patient also So guys if you liked my today’s video If it was beneficial and useful for you Then definitely like it Share this with more and more people So that others can also get the benefit Being a thyroid patient when the feel that They will not be able to lose weight Then they will get a lot of help With this diet plan So definitely share with them And help them also If you are on Instagram Then definitely follow me in Instagram This is my Instagram id Quickly subscribe my channel Because such amazing diet plans for weight loss And superb healthy recipes I keep on bringing for you all So I will meet you all again in my next video Till then stay tuned to my channel By e for now



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