Thank you so much to athletic greens for 
sponsoring this video! After watching this   one you're probably going to want to get 
healthier foods in you so stay tuned to   the end to hear more about the easiest way 
to do just that! I'm sure you've heard the   saying you are what you eat. No, it doesn't mean 
you'll morph into a Cheesy Gordita Munch after   a late-night Blocko Bell run. It means that if 
you eat healthy foods you'll be more healthy,   but there's even more to it than that! You're 
not just what you eat, but what you ate as a kid! Triangle Bob do not play near that food 2 human 
mixer I carelessly left in the living room. Oh,   no triangle Bob's a pizza! No No Greeg! 
Back away from the Bob! Circlia, honey,   can you queue the intro for me? Hey there welcome to life Noggin you can 
get turned into a life noggin character.   Seriously.

Find The Gleam contest 
Link in the description to enter. During your childhood and Adolescence your 
body does a lot of growing both physically   and mentally and the foods you eat during 
this time can have a lasting impact on your   health throughout the rest of your life. I know, 
I never thought eating 500 chicken nuggets a day   would fail me. I for one am flabbergasted. As 
it develops your body needs certain nutrients,   for instance, your bones need protein 
and calcium to grow your immune system   needs proteins and vitamins B12 C, and 
D in order to work properly and your   brain needs choline folic acid zinc 
iron, and special fats to function. Go ahead and ask your parents if you got 
all that! Studies have found that children   who don't get enough nutrition are shorter are 
more likely to get sick and have a harder time   regulating emotions, following directions, and 
staying organized, and those who eat more than   they need to experience obesity, which can cause 
chronic inflammation and increases the risk of   asthma.

So yes, parents, the Clean Plate Club is 
not a good thing. I don't know if you're listening   in the other room, parents! That's for you! 
But these negative effects on your health don't   go away as you get older no the human body keeps 
score children with poor nutrition are more likely   to develop osteoporosis later in life obesity 
during adolescence can lead to diseases like   type 2 diabetes and heart disease in adulthood 
and even if nutrition is provided later on in   life childhood is such a crucial period of brain 
development that any deficits in brain function at   this time could last a lifetime a study on mice 
also found that eating too much fat and sugar   permanently reduce the number and diversity of 
microbes living in their gut while that may sound   like a good thing you actually need these gut 
microbes to help you digest foods and to control   your immune system and brain health I know what 
you're thinking now that the damage is done just   bring on the Bobinoes Pizza well you might want to 
go easy on the cheesy my friend.

What you eat now   still has an impact on your health! So, while you 
may not be able to fully reverse the effects of   poor childhood nutrition, eating healthy now 
can reduce the risk or severity of disease!   Okay Triangle Bob, try this antidote. It's an 
apple with a bunch of vitamins taped to it. Hey! You're back to normal but still covered in 
grease. All right, Greeg, uh, get the hose! So,   be honest, how healthy do you think you eat? 
Do you have a favorite food that you just can't   quit? Leave your answers in the comment 
section below and I'll respond to some. I know that one comment I get on any healthy 
eating video I do is that's easier said than   done I get it so I went and found a new 
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Click here to watch   this video we did on getting a brain vaccine 
or click here to watch this video! Check out   the work done by the team that 
powers life Noggin down in the description.   As always my name is Blocko this has been 
life Noggin don't forget to keep on thinking.

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